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Anand Kirtan & Tom have been writing and sharing uplifting music together since 2013 and in that time, they've travelled through Europe, made 7 albums under different names and ended up recruiting their three musical sons to assist them in playing live.


They met 21 years ago in London, each bringing their own musical background and experiences to the partnership. Tom had grown up a chorister in Worcester Cathedral and Anand Kirtan had sung her way through school and a record contract in London via the smoky cellar bars of Poland, as she travelled through Europe teaching English. 


 There is balance, harmony and love running through their music, a testament to their partnership and marriage; their inspiring music comes from their committment to meditation, family life, nature and living a conscious yogic lifestyle. The music speaks of the great longing of the soul to connect and to experience and appreciate beauty, When you sit in the presence of this music, it brings you home to the heart. 

To arrange a concert in your home/yoga space/concert venue, please use the contact page to connect with Anand Kirtan. Or email


Their music is available below, on iTunes or via Spirit Voyage and Sat Nam Versand. Or we ship CD's to anywhere in the world for £15, click below to order and pay via paypal. 

"The music is so deep, so magical and it makes us happy. You are in our hearts now." 

Prem Satya

Music is available on Spotify or I Tunes, under Anand Kirtan. It is available to buy as a CD through Paypal as below

  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
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