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From the darkness to the light - Waheguru

Myself and husband Tom, have spent the last ten years writing and performing beautiful acoustic devotional music together, which touches the heart and soul. Our music is a blend of world, folk, new age and mantra. Difference styles of chanting, mainly Gurbani and some Sanskrit are interwoven with words and harmony to produce music that is joyous, uplifting and inspirational. We are blessed to have three teenage sons who are accomplished musicians in their own right and who often join us on stage to perform as a family. But they are teenagers, so - wonderfully unpredictable! In the meantime, we are learning a lot about parenting, practicing conscious communication and applying that not just in our family but in our community, where we live, teach and share. For 21 years, we have been partners, husband and wife, committed to family life and service. We have grown up together, and are grateful for each other's gifts and differences. I write the music and Tom is the practical partner, with the skills to record and add to the creation. 

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