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From the darkness to the light - Waheguru

Anand Kirtan and her husband Tom, have spent the last seven years writing and performing beautiful acoustic devotional music together, which touches the heart and soul. Their music is a blend of world, folk, new age and mantra. Difference styles of chanting such as Sanskrit, Gurmukhi, Gregorian, Buddhist, African and Gaelic are interwoven with words and harmony to produce music that is joyous, uplifting and inspirational. They are blessed to have three teen and pre teenage sons who are accomplished musicians in their own right and who often join them on stage to perform as a family. 

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Anand Kirtan also teaches kundalini yoga in the UK and overseas workshops, working with children, teenagers and adults to help them find their peace and space during turbulent times. Modern living, with its heavy emphasis on social media and the worship of the material, is taking its toll on our younger generations. There is an increase in fear, anxiety, anger, apathy and doubt. The practice of yoga, with chanting and music involved is an oasis of calm in a sandstorm. Anand Kirtan attends the Quinta Do Rajo ashram a few times a year to study with her spiritual teacher, Shiv Charan Singh and to be in sangat (community). This helps to recharge the batteries, so that she can work in her community with love and compassion, holding space for people through yoga, meditation, counselling, music therapy and karam kriya numerology.