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Individual Consultations and Counselling

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Counselling and Coaching

£55 per session of one hour, face to face or online

£50 per session when booked/paid for as a block of 3.  

I work with all ages from 11+ upwards.

I have particular experience in working with people with anxiety / addiction / depression / marriage and relationship issues / grief and sadness. 

I also mentor people and work with spiritual development

I trained in psychodynamic counselling at Birkbeck University. I have also trained in Karam Kriya counselling with Master teacher Shiv Charan Singh.

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Yoga Therapy

This is Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, which I teach so that people can come back into connection with themselves and others. 

Prices as above, £55 for a one off session and £50 each per block of 3 sessions. 


Anand Kirtan is now working also with the  spiritual numerology system called Karam Kriya  (heal your karma) which was developed by Shiv Charan Singh under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan. In 2019 she completed three years of Karam Kriya training with Shiv Charan in Portugal which helps to give clarity and healing through conversation, questioning and reflecting as a powerful technique for spiritual counselling.

Consultations are £60 for an hour

Closing The Bones

This is the time of the Divine Feminine. And Closing the Bones is a ritual that honours you as a woman, whether you have recently given birth, given birth several years ago, or are looking to heal from an end of relationship / transitioning in life from one stage to another.

You arrive to a comfortable and warm garden studio, where you and I have a talk about your pregnancies or whatever's going on for you right now in your life. 

You choose an aromatherapy oil and lie down to have your hips sifted and to receive an abdominal massage. Then you are tightly wrapped up in several cotton scarves. and under blankets, you are able to go into a deep meditative space of healing. I will read a poem and sing you a song, and then you sink into a silent state, whilst I meditate next to you, creating a deeply healing and nurturing environment in the room. After 20-30 minutes of 'being under', I make us tea and we share space and do some grounding if necessary. 

Perfect for:

healing / nurturing / caregivers / increasing fertility / hip issues / grief / post- partum mothers / the spiritually curious / in need of self love / weight loss / post natal depression / challenging birth  / women who've experienced sexual or physical trauma.  I am here, with love, to serve whoever comes. 

2 hours, £90,  Perfect post baby present. Booking essential.


Anand Kirtan has worked as an astrologer for the last ten years, and has helped hundreds of clients, all over the World to find clarity, insight, purpose and direction from their chart as well as being uplifted and inspired to move forward with their lives. The understanding of your individual astrology chart as it relates to the planets helps you understand cycles and patterns in your life, the choices you make and the level of freedom you feel. 

Readings are £75 for an hour's telephone or Skype consultation or face to face if local. I will need your birth details, time, place and date prior to the appointment, to do some pre-work. Payment must also be made then before I begin the background. 

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