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'We meditate so that our minds can be sharp and alert. We chant mantras so that your souls may be ignited like candles. We walk in the light of this beauty.'

Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness as taught by Yogi Bhajan in the 1960's although it has been around for many thousands of years. It wakes up your body, mind and soul. It challenges you, empowers you, purifies the body and calms down the mind. This is the practice we need right now in these turbulent times of technology everywhere, screens on all the time and minds which refuse to calm down and give us any peace and space. We are constantly veering from negative mind (why aren't I more successful, richer, happier) to positive mind (I can do all that, in fact, I never stop doing! - without finding space for our neutral mind, which we access during meditation. Many of us are uncomfortable in our own company, or with silence. We work with this, practicing stillness, silence and concentration - within that space inside of us, we find previously hidden access to great riches and inner peace. Meditation is like hoovering out the mind. Its essential or you live in squalor! Many of my students come with issues such as ADHD, sensitivity, depression, autism, low self-esteem and anxiety. We treat these conditions as friends, not enemies, which are guiding us to a different way of living and being - learning how to be so centred in our own body and energy that we do not need the approval of others. From that space, we treat everyone with compassion and acceptance, starting with ourselves. 

Lessons with me last between 60 and 75 minutes and take place in Quorn and the surrounding villages. Lessons cost £10 drop in, £9 per class when booked in advance as a block or less than £8 per class by direct debit monthly. 

During class we will do a mixture of tuning in, with chanting, physical warm ups, a kriya, which is a series of postures (asanas) relaxation and meditation. There is regularly live music in the class and also I use the Paiste Moon Gong for powerful sound healing with my adult classes. 

Current Classes

Wednesday 6:30-7:40pm, Kundalini Yoga in Quorn. Spaces available

Friday 10:30 till 11:40  Kundalini Yoga (currently full

Space for private classes is available at various points in the week, mainly Monday morning, Wednesday morning or Thursday daytime. Also some evenings by arrangement. Private classes cost £40, can take between one and four people and last for an hour. Contact me to arrange. 

Pay £10 for a class through Paypal.