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‘Let the Numbers Guide you’ with Karam Kriya, developed by Shiv Charan Singh.

Karam Kriya is the study of life through numbers and the study of numbers through life. Karam means Karma, action and reaction. It also means generosity or kindness. Kriya means extinction, exhaustion, end. Therefore, we can say that Karam Kriya means the end of karma, the end of all the patterns that control our life. The vibrations of number are inherent in, and therefore closely linked to, all our actions and choices. And so being able to intuitively and intelligently read the numbers brings benefit to our physical, emotional and mental health, as well as our success, our general well-being and flow of prosperity. Great discoveries and healing processes, along with greatly increased consciousness, takes place.

These teachings are coming to Leicestershire! I have studied with Shiv Charan Singh since 2016 and continue to be inspired by his word and presence. Ongoing learning will continue but there is much I can share from the last 3 years of intensive learning for those who would love to go into their own habits, challenges, patterns and behaviours more deeply, for the purpose of clearing out and leading a more conscious and joyful life. Come and join me for an introduction to the numbers:

Sunday 24th Feb 1pm to 5pm

Let 7/3 guide you!

What’s your mind telling you on a daily basis – what’s your story? What fantasies still persist? What is your identity, where do you judge self or others, or still feel like a victim? Why are you hiding away or throwing yourself in the spotlight? Where have you placed yourself in relation to other people, how do you compete? What forgiveness still needs to happen? Where is your joy in life, what brings warmth? Examining relationship to siblings, friendship groups and the wider community. Summer, fire element, positive mind and the potential for distraction and busyness. Looking at what you value and how you view the world. Is there equilibrium and equality in your Universe?


Sunday 7th April, 1pm to 5pm

Let 1/9 guide you!

Where is there magic in your life! What’s your guiding force, what do you live by? What are you anchored to? Where is there isolation, frustration or impatience? Relationship to the Soul, the Guru, the command. My will or thy will, the concept of surrender. Who are you? Humility and humiliation – are you Master or Servant – do you feel infinity blossoming inside of you? Boundaries, are you upright and vertical. How ‘straight’ is your spine and your guiding staff. Are upright or a sloucher? How do you sleep? Where is there peace or unrest? Relationship to mother. Winter, sense of smell. Digestion, stomach and ‘you are what you eat’.

Sunday 30th June, 1pm-5pm

Let 2/8 guide you!

How do you feel today? Is there a vortex or something of a black hole? Dealing with depression and sadness. Loneliness and separation. Water, emotions, taste, flowing energy. Desire and longing. Sex, money and power. Loyalty and willingness to obey. Feeling empty, the beginnings of addiction (this is not just 2, but more 2+3. Disconnection leading to repeated action of anaesthesia) Separation, connection and disconnection. Treading water – the negative mind and the tendency to complain. Medicine and healing. Examining your relationship to your father.


Sunday 1st September 1pm-5pm

Let 4/6 guide you!

Commitment as the first step to happiness!. Presence, pause. The neutral mind and accessing it through meditation. Person and prayer and individual cup of prayer. Feeling inspired, conscious, trusting and loving. Feeling confused, lost doubtful and apathetic. Fear and faith, finding the warrior within and leaving ’being so nice’ behind. Creating beauty with poetry, music, art. Devotion and bhakti. Movement forward, is it crippled by anxiety or is there complete faith that everything will be allright? What are you most afraid of? Where will the future take you? Dealing with crisis, shock and drama. Finding neutral space and silence. Relationship to children.


Sunday 3rd November 10am to 4pm, bring lunch to share.

Let 5/10 guide you and a look at your birth numbers and life path

Communication, how do you interact with others? The bridge to the Divine, marriage and partnership. The Naad, sound current, listening, speaking and the balance. Courage and vitality, your radiance! The 5 senses and how you experience them. How you deal with change, transformation and evolution. Where are you ready for change and how to implement those changes.

Looking in more detail at your own birth numbers and finding some meaning behind them with the assistance of me and the group. Helping you to move forward and make more conscious choices with the numbers as your guide.

Booking Details

All the workshops are £40 except the 3rd November which is £60. All the workshops are held in Quorn Leicestershire, LE12 8EW

Book all the modules and pay only £195 instead of £220 for paying individually.  6 places per workshop available. There will be no yoga taught within these classes, they are discussion based, so please come willing to share with a small group. Booking is only valid with up front payment, thank you. Contact to book your space.

Payment details

Account name: Charlotte Carslake. -  Lloyds Bank

Account number 03897101     Sort Code 30-93-14

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