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Astrology and Numerology Based Consultation


Anand Kirtan has worked as an astrologer for the last ten years, and has helped hundreds of clients, all over the World to find clarity, insight, purpose and direction from their chart as well as being uplifted and inspired to move forward with their lives. The understanding of your individual astrology chart as it relates to the planets helps you understand cycles and patterns in your life, the choices you make and the level of freedom you feel. Anand Kirtan is now working also with the  spiritual numerology system called Karam Kriya  (heal your karma) which was developed by Shiv Charan Singh under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan. In 2019 she completed three years of Karam Kriya training with Shiv Charan in Portugal which helps to give clarity and healing through conversation, questioning and reflecting as a powerful technique for spiritual counselling.


Email is to book an appointment. Waiting time is usually a few weeks so check this with me when you book. You can pay via paypal using the email to pay, or you can have my bank details to do a Bacs transfer. 

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Anand Kirtan also trained in psychodynamic counselling at Birkbeck University and has worked with young people from the age of seven up to adults of all ages in a counselling and mentoring role.  

Readings are £60 for an hour's telephone or Skype consultation or face to face if local.

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